Grace Family Network Foundation exists to:
  • Receive and redistribute funds to existing organizations that help;
  • Relieve need among lower income families in the Greater Vancouver area, and;
  • Raise awareness of need among at-risk and marginalized youth in third world countries.
Our Purpose
We have a lot here in North America. We are among the richest and most educated in the world. We have strong health care, we are well fed, and freedoms abound. With all that we have, and take for granted, we are truly "blessed." Yet though we have much, there are many in our midst who have been marginalized, those who have not been protected, those who have been forgotten. We cannot help but deny that with blessings comes responsibility - to use it well, to use it for good, to use it to benefit others.

Our Question
So is it possible with all that we have, with all our responsibility to the communities around us, in our growing global community, that our generation has a unique responsibility to help the marginalized?

Our Response
gfnf believes the answer is "yes."We have been blessed to be a blessing. And while many of the issues on "how" in a local-global community are complex, gfnf wants to start simple. We want to focus on those who need a head start, those that cannot protect themselves, those that still have a hope and future.


For more information or if you are interested in donating time, finances or services to gfnf, please contact us at .

We are a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity.
Registration No. 86305 5752 RR0001